Standard BEx Transport Request automation tool

Often in SAP BW environments, the Standard BEx Transport Request mechanism is not used to transport BEx objects. Rather, the BEx Transport Request is never transported and, every time one wants to transport some BEx query,  workbook or other BEx object, he has to unlock the objects in that Transport Request and then collect them into a separate transport via the Transport Connection section of the BW Administration Workbench.

I have worked that way in most  BW environments, but lately, I have been in a project where we tried to use the Standard BEx Transport mechanism.

In this context, you need to assign a new BEx Transport Request in the Transport Connection every time you release the previous one.

To accelerate this procedure, I have written a small program that automates the following steps:

1) Release the BEx Transport Request. The request number does not need to be provided by the user, as it is stored in table RSOBEXREQUEST (one request per Development Package).
Note that a check is made to see if the BEx transport request is empty to avoid releasing empty transports.

2) Create a new request that is named “BEx Transport Request – <package name>”

3) Define  this request as the current BEx Transport Request by updating table RSOBEXREQUEST

You can download the program in ZSAPLINK nugget format via the link below. The program name is NUGG_ZBW_BEX_TRANSPORT_REQST.nugg

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