Standard BEx Transport Request Unlocker and Cleaner program

Transport of BEx objects such as Queries, Workbooks, Variables and several other, are managed in BW via a specific process.  See “Transporting BEx Objects” in the SAB BW Documentation for more information on the subject.

In practice, this process is seldom used as designed by SAP. Instead, BW developers usually never release the BEx Transport Request, that tends to collect a very large number of objects, especially when several persons are working on BEx related objects. Furthermore the individual BEx objects are difficult to identify as they are recorded in transport requests via a GUID rather than their technical name.

What a BW developer will then do when he wants to move some BEx related development to the Acceptance or Production BW server is usually the following steps:

1) Unlock the BEx Transport Request and all its sub tasks (there will usually be one per user working on BEx objects). This is done in transaction SE03, Unlock option.

2) Delete all objects in the BEx Transport Request and sub tasks. (This is optional as the following steps will succeed even if you leave the unlocked objects in the BEx Transport Request). This is done by editing the individual Request/Subtasks in SE01.

3) Collect into a new transport the desired BEx Objects via the Transport Connection of the BW Administration Workbench.

To automate steps 1 and 2, I have written a small abap program and 2 function modules.

This program will automatically determine the “Standard BEx Transport Request”  by checking the field BEX_REQUEST in the single record of table RSADMINA.


It will then list all subtask of this request and unlock and empty each one of them.

Unlocking is done by the 1st FM, which is a batch input recording of the Unlock option in SE03.

Deletion is done by the 2nd FM, which is a batch input recording running program RS_DELETE_KEY_IN_TRANSPORT2, which deletes objects from transports.

If you want to install the program, you can download the Saplink nugget NUGG_xxxx containing all the necessary objects in the following repository:

The Nugget file contains the following objects:


The ZSE03_UNLOCK_REQUEST program is similar to SE03 + Clicking on Unlock Requests

The Transaction codes are necessary as Batch Input sessions are created on Transaction Codes, not on programs.

The Function Groups contain the FM version of the Batch Input recordings

Finally the main program is ZBI_BEX_REQUEST_PREPARE.

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