BEX Analyzer ( Workbooks, VBA, …)


BEx Analyzer – General Settings – Registry keys – Note 1254112 – BExAnalyzer: Read and Edit Global settings in the Registry ( Small correction to the information in the OSS note 1254112. For setting the legacy version setting use the below string in the registry “LAUNCH_VERSION” = “LEGACY”  insted of “LaunchLegacyVersion”)

Starting / Opening Workbooks in VBA

The BEx Analyzer API (Netweaver 7.0)

Netweaver 7.0 exposes the interface for Business Explorer’s (BEx) Analyzer in Visual Basic for Access (VBA) code.

The API which comprises of four modules and one class:

  • Common: Usable methods and functions that execute BEx Analyzer’s features.
  • ConnectionHandling: A set of functions used for handling connections.
  • xBExapi: Error handling and drill down state information.
  • xBExPrec: Status information.
  • BExEventHandler: Event handlers to work with Excel’s events.

More infos on the API:

Change variables command via VBA

Sub RunReportButton()
Dim ReturnCode As Integer
ReturnCode = Run(“BExAnalyzer.xla!MenuRefreshVariables”)
End Sub

Connection / Logon


Add Macros

You can  add macros to workbook using buttons “Add Macro” in the properties of a workbook. This adds module BExInterfaceModule, which contains the function BEx ():

Public Function BEx () As BExApplication

Set BEx = Application.Run ( “BExAnalyzer.xla! GetBEx”, ThisWorkbook)

End Function

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