I am running SAP BW 7.3 (SAPKW73004). I recently noticed that the daily job BI_DELETE_OLD_MSG_PARM_DTPTEMP takes 60000 to 100000 seconds to complete.

Below is the result of the investigation on the issue.


SAP recommends that a daily job be run to delete old messages and parameters related to running DTPs.

This is part of a large number of recommendations to avoid having table sizes get out of hand (see note Note 706478 – Preventing Basis tables from increasing considerably, see also the list of tables of the note in excel format )
See also recent post in SCN with list of relevant notes.
Table RSBATCHDATA Too Large – How To Delete Data
This cleans up the content of table RSBATCHDATA, that otherwise grows indefinitely.

The BW sap help site recommends running daily with a deletion of messages older than 30 days.

For this you need create a variant for the job to be run with the following parameters

DEL_MSG 30 – delete all records older than nnn day (M-Records)
DEL_PAR 30 – delete all records older than nnn day (R- and P-Records)
DEL_DTP ‘ ‘ – useless/no function (unused parameter as of SAPKW73004, you can see that in the)

(note that not entering parameters or entering 1 or 2 as DEL_MSG/DEL_PAR defaults to deleting records  older than 180 days).

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