BEx Workbook – Popup to pass values to Planning Function


Below are the information I gathered regarding techniques to allow some kind of dynamic selection of values to be passed to Planning Functions.

1) See note 1121654 – Note 1121654 – Problems transferring variables to planning func/sequence

2) Extract from a SDN Discussion:
Iin BEx workbook there is no Possibility to call an automatic pop up for variables in planning functions. The functions in BEx Workbook take the entries from cells like described in the notes. If you want to give the user more usability with pop-ups then you have to program VBA coding which writes the entry in the VBA pop up in the cell from which the planning function take the entry and then call the planning function from VBA code
1.) You have your button for the planing function and the command range for the variables. Let’s assume the variable value is in Cell D4. The name of the planning function is BUTTON_34 (you see that in the properties window of the BEX Button. You can implment the command range in the button in an extra sheet and then hide it.

2.) On the sheet with your query or cockpit (from where you want to run the planning function) you implement a second button – but not from the BEx menubar, from the VBA forms. Then you assign a VBA macro to this button.
3.) in this button you have to:
 a.) call a Msgbox for prompt asking for the value of the period
 b.) assign the value entered from the user to CELL D4 in the hidden sheet
 c.) run the planning funtion button in the hidden Sheet

A sample coding could look something like this:

Public sub Call_Funtion()

Dim Useranswer as string

Useranswer = InputBox("Please enter the period in the format MM/YYYY", "Period")

Table1.Range(D4).Value = Useranswer


Application.Run "'" & ThisWorkbook.Name & "'!TABLE1.BUTTON_34_Click

end sub

This should do fine. If you are more experienced in VBA you can design a form with more input fields. It would look more comofortable for the user. But to explain this how to do it would be done in a different board.

See original post:
If you do not have a single value variable but an interval the command range must look like this:

VAR_NAME_3                       1               MY_VAR_SO_TO
VAR_VALUE_LOW_EXT_3     1               04.2003 (Your Start value)
VAR_SIGN_3                         1               I
VAR_OPERATOR_3               1               BT
VAR_VALUE_HIGH_EXT_3     1               06.2003 (Your End value)

In the VBA code you then have to call 2 Propmts for input – one for start, one for end or you design a form if you are experienced. Then you assign the entered values to the ranges and call the buttoon via

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