BW Inactive Objects Checker – ZBI_INACTIVE_OBJECTS

ZBI_INACTIVE_OBJECTS is a tool that I adapted from a program found on SCN that checks for inactive BW objects. In addition it stores a snapshot of the inactive objects. This way you can execute it before and after a transport operation. A ‘diff’ option will display

  • new or activted objects (that either did not exist or were inactive at the previous execution)
  • inactivated objects (that were active at the previous execution)

In the future I plan to adapt the tool so as to integrate it to the CTS import mechanism. In this way, when a transport contains BW objects, a diff on inactive objects would be automatically be performed and the result inserted in the log and/or mailed to the owner of the transport request.

Download – [NUGG_ZBI_INACTIVE_OBJECTS.nugg] –  34.6 KB – 727   downloads

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