No SID found for value ‘yyyymmddhhmm60’ of characterstic 0TCTTIMSTMP – 0TCT_DS21 – 0TCT_DS22

  • Apply manual changes to the update rules as per Note: 1713932
    • Goto RSA1. Navigate to infoprovider 0TCT_C22 and double click on the transfer rules
      for datasource 0TCT_DS22
    • Change to edit mode
    • Choose the field 0TCTTIMSTMP in the transfer rules and click on assignment button and
      select the radio button ‘Routine’ and click on ‘Create’ button.
    • Enter the transfer routine name as ‘Long timestamp -> short timestamp’.
    • Select the field ‘0TCTSTRTTST’ and enter.
    • Under FORM COMPUTE_TCTTIMSTMP, Please mention the below sentence RESULT = TRUNC(
    • Save the routine.
Do this for each BW Stats update rule activated in the system that fails after the upgrade.

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