Optimization of BEx Workbooks and Queries performance

  1. Optimizing BEx Analyzer 7x Performance – NEW
  2. (PPT)
    Proven techniques to infuse more interactivity and formatting to your reports
  3. SCN Article – Understanding OLAP Processor and RSRT – http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/a03de316-17a6-2e10-5ea8-f9c7d117df92?QuickLink=index&overridelayout=true
  4. List of Statistics Events – http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw73ehp1/helpdata/en/45/f0488a1aa03115e10000000a1553f7/content.htm?frameset=/en/1b/55d979fd5ca54d96fdb605f22b677e/frameset.htm
  5. Summary of BI/BW 7.0 Performance Imrpovements – http://scn.sap.com/people/jens.gleichmann/blog/2010/10/12/summary-of-bibw-70-performance-improvements
  6. http://sapbimeterials.blogspot.be/2009/01/troubleshooting-bi-70-bex-analyzer.html

RS Trace Tool

  1. Execute Transaction RSTT
  2. Click on Trace Tool  => User Activation => Activate your User
  3. Log on to the BEx Analyzer and perform the actions that you want to trace.
  4. Click on Trace Tool  => User Activation => Deactivate your User
  5. Click on Traces in the left hand navigation, click on the newest trace, which should be at the top of the trace history list, and then click the Display button.


A documentation on ST13 is available in PPT format with annotations here:  https://sapmats-de.sap-ag.de/download/download.cgi?id=6XQPY53FML9PPUEUAY6TGU0U6Q66NWTJEJ9IPEBDULMTJ2W49G (see note 1035990)

  1. Execute Transaction ST13
  2. Select BIIPTOOLS
  3. Select BW Statistics Analysis
  4. Select BW Event List

Additional info

Note 1056259 – Collective note: Performance of BI planning (general principles + notes applying to 7.0 7.1)

Note 1101143 – Collective note: BEx Analyzer performance

Note 1141850 – “Not assigned” time calculated from query RUNTIME

Tables containing Workbook in BW

RSRWBINDEX List of binary large objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBINDEXT Titles of binary objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBSTORE Storage for binary large objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBTEMPLATE Assignment of Excel workbooks as personal templates
RSRWORKBOOK ‘Where-used list’ for reports in workbooks

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