Using the RSADMIN table in BW


Using the RSADMIN table in BW

The RSADMIN table is used as a configuration table for many BW processes and functionnalities.

The following links provide information on the parameter and pointers to specific SAP Notes related to each parameter.

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How to update parameters

Use program SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN to insert, update, delete.
Also to access via ABAP use function module RSA2_RSADMIN_GET or class CL_RSDRI_INFOPROV->RSADMIN_PARAM_READ.

Transporting RSADMIN parameters


It should be maintained in each system separately (Dev, Acceptance, Production), but it is possible to transport parameters by creating a transport request and manually adding key values as follows:

Prog ID:        R3TR
Object Type: TABU 
Object Name: RSADMIN
Object Key:   names_of_parameters_that_you_want_to_transport




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