PM Linear Data – ECC Table + Links to Order and Functional Location

If you need to locate the table that contains the Lienar data for a Preventive Order => EAML_D_LFE_DATA-START_POINT and EAML_D_LFE_DATA-END_POINT

This info is extracted to BW via an exctractor 0PM_OM_OPA_1_EAML


You find the “linear data” record in the table EAML_D_LFE_DAT for a Functional Location by setting OBART=’IF’ and TABKEY = functional location (TPLNR)

You find the “linear data” record in the table EAML_D_LFE_DAT for a Maintenance Order by setting OBART=’OR’ and TABKEY = AUFNR

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