Analyze content of BW Transport Requests

While being displayed with their human readable description in the BW Administration Workbench (RSA1) some BW transportable objects are identified with a technical name (in UUID format) in the Transport Request object list. This can be quite annoying when one is trying to troubleshoot transport related errors. For instance when someone is trying to determine which Transformations, DTPs or Query Elements are contained in a given transport.

The following program lists all the objects of a transport by their human readable name. The program is in SAPLINK format.

A similar program was published in the SCN code gallery. See the post: BW Transport Validation Utility

Download – NUGG_ZBI_TRANSPORT_REQUEST_CHECK.nugg – 26.7 KB – 826   downloads

Update – Feb 10 2016 – Transaction RS09 or report RSAWBN_REQ_TEST_TB provide the same functionnality. See this SCN Post