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BPC Notes

BPC Terminology

Changes in terminology : (10 vs 7.5)

  • Environment – Appset
  • Models – Application
  • Control Settings – Validation Rules
  • Logic Script – Script Logic
  • Audit Report settings – System report settings

BPC 10.1

Regarding de Unified Planning Model:

  • Underlying models uses the IP (PAK) backend (BW datamodels instead of BPC dimensions…)
  • Planning functions are IP based (ABAP, FOX) vs BPC based (script logic…)
  • The EPM Add-In + BPC Web front end (SAP UI5 based) are used as front end
  • BPC functions as BPF, work status, data auditing are used

Here is a good overview of BPC 10.1: The SAP BPC 10.1 FAQ

Differences between versions 7.5 vs 10.0


SAP Document: Overview and What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects EPM 10.0


  1. No .net server in 10 where as it is required in 7.5. All services will be exposed as RESTful web services for internal communication between BPC clients and server.
  2. Granual transport is possible in 10 whereas it is not possible in 7.5.
  3. New UI look for BPC web in 10 as compared to 7.5. and common EPM Add-in in 10. Business user interface is now flex based in 10.
  4. No more active directory or CMS, net weaver authorization is required in 10.
  5. In BPC 10, data manger will now support loading directly from SAP ERP system both in FULL & DELTA mode through SAP delivered extractors.

1. SAP BPC 10 replaces SAP BPC 7.5
2. SAP BPC 10 requires SAP BW 7.3 system and standalone .NET server is no longer required
3. SAP BPC 10 can work on SAP HANA
4. Old EVDRE has been replaced by SAP EPM 10 client. Old EVDREs will still work but wizard to create new EVDRE is no longer present.
5. Versions supported by SAP BPC 10 (A) Windows – Vista, XP and 7.
(B) Internet explorer 7 and 8
(C) Microsft office 2007 and 2010.
6. Incremental consolidation is supported by SAP BPC 10.(Ability to run FX and consolidation only on data that has been changed since last run)
7. SAP BPC MS and NW 7.5 both use automatic BPF.
8. Free standing Admin client has been deprecated and all of the functionality is now presented through the new web interface.

The most significant difference between BPC 7.5 and 10 is Excel reporting. To my mind the EV functions in BPC 7.5 were much simpler for the finance people and they were able to create and maintain templates practically without IT support. Not the case for BPC 10.