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FM to modify DTP filters

The article: Three Ways to Dynamically Update “Data Transfer Process” Filter Values describes different methods to determine DTP filters dynamically. In particular there is a method that sets the DTP in change mode, modifies the DTP filter then reactivates the DTP.

You can download the code of the function here in Saplink format.
Download – FUGR_ZBW_CHANGE_DTP_FILTERS.slnk – 9.8 KB – 798   downloads

ORA-00060 deadlocks when loading data into InfoCubes

When running DTPs on infocubes with an Oracle DB, a shor dump can occur wit as message:

Runtime error: DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR
Exception: CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB
Short text: SQL error 60 while accessing table “/BIC/F<cube name>”
What happened: Database error text: “ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource#ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource”

This type of errer is explained in Note 631668 – DEADLOCK when loading data into InfoCubes.


Solution: Drop cube index before running DTP and recreate index after.

I recently had to configure a  backup and restore mechanism for an Infocube. The objective was to store one full copy of the source Infocube every day in a backup Infocube that was created as a copy of the source cube plus a “Backup Date” characteristic

To recover a backup in the main Infocube, a transformation from the backup Infocube to the source Infocubehas been setup. One would have to specify the date of the backup that he wishes to restore in the DTP filter of the restore transformation.

To make sure that only one date is entered in the Backup Date characteristic of the DTP filter. I used the following code to check the DTP Filter values in the start routine. The code is based on an example program to output the list of DTP Filters via an ABAP Program posted in SCN (http://scn.sap.com/thread/1150620) you can also download the program is SAPLINK format here.

There is another way to access DTP infomation in the startroutine that I could have used. That is to use the p_r_request object provided in the routine. I did not figure out how to do that when coding the routine, but I later found interesting info on the subject in the following post: http://www.insiderlearningnetwork.com/bics/blog/2010/11/23/how_to_get_selection_criteria_in_transformations_routines

*$*$ begin of routine – insert your code only below this line        *-*
… “insert your code here
*–  fill table “MONITOR” with values of structure “MONITOR_REC”
*-   to make monitor entries
… “to cancel the update process
*    raise exception type CX_RSROUT_ABORT.
“Block the execution if more that 1 value of IDATEBKP is found in the
*    data: a type c.
*    a = ‘A’.
*    while a = ‘A’.
*      a = ‘A’.
*    endwhile.

l_lines                           type i,
l_t_seltab                        type MCH_T_SELECT,
l_r_rsbk_dtp                      type ref to cl_rsbk_dtp,
l_r_rsbc_filter                   type ref to cl_rsbc_filter,
l_r_rsbk_dtp_a                    type ref to cl_rsbk_dtp_a,
l_s_rsbk_select                   type rsbk_s_select,
l_v_logdpid                       type rslogdpid.

select single r~logdpid into l_v_logdpid
from rsreqdone as r
where r~rnr = request.

if sy-subrc <>  0.
monitor_rec-msgid = ‘RSAR’.
monitor_rec-msgty = ‘E’.
monitor_rec-msgno = ‘051’.
monitor_rec-msgv1 = ‘Error retrieving filter info for request: ‘.
monitor_rec-msgv2 = request.
append monitor_rec to MONITOR.


* Factory method to create DTP Object
l_r_rsbk_dtp = cl_rsbk_dtp=>factory( l_v_logdpid ).

* Get object reference to active version
l_r_rsbk_dtp_a ?= l_r_rsbk_dtp->get_obj_ref_objvers(
rs_c_objvers-active ).

* Get reference to DTP’s filter object
CALL METHOD l_r_rsbk_dtp_a->if_rsbk_dtp_display~get_obj_ref_filter
r_r_filter = l_r_rsbc_filter.

* Check that only one backup date is selected
l_t_seltab = l_r_rsbc_filter->n_t_seltab.
delete l_t_seltab where field NE ‘/BIC/IDATEBKP’.
describe table l_t_seltab lines l_lines.
if l_lines <> ‘1’.
monitor_rec-msgid = ‘RSAR’.
monitor_rec-msgty = ‘E’.
monitor_rec-msgno = ‘051’.
monitor_rec-msgv1 =
‘DTP filter of IDATEBKP must be set to I/EQ/single date’.
append monitor_rec to MONITOR.

loop at l_t_seltab into l_s_rsbk_select.
if l_s_rsbk_select-sign <> ‘I’
or l_s_rsbk_select-option <> ‘EQ’.
monitor_rec-msgid = ‘RSAR’.
monitor_rec-msgty = ‘E’.
monitor_rec-msgno = ‘051’.
monitor_rec-msgv1 =
‘DTP filter of IDATEBKP must be set to I/EQ/single date’.
append monitor_rec to MONITOR.

*$*$ end of routine – insert your code only before this line         *-*