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BI IP – Locking

928044 – BI lock server

LiveCache was an option until before BW 7.30. SAP has removed the option since 7.3 (1531412 – liveCache as BW lock server)

Message RSPLS 091 “Overloading of lock server for InfoProvider “ occurs when executing planning sequences via process chains. Note 928044 explains that you need to set the parametes “Lock Attemps” and “Wait Time in Seconds” on RSPLSE + enter ok_code EXPERT.

This error might be related to the following program error: 1911227 – Planning sequences in process chains and BW lock server

When “Lock Attempts” and “Wait Time in Seconds” have not been manually set, some default value is used. Note 994239 – BI lock server: Message RSPLS091 seems to indicate that the default wait time is 1 (or 3 seconds as of BW700?).

Check table RSPLS_LOCK_METHS, Fields ABAP_WAIT and ENQSER_REQ. (Only 1 record in table).