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RSCOMPCONS and Check Consistency Flag on Multiprovider


In BW 3.5 the identification of characteristics and navigation attributes in MultiProviders did not need to be consistent. This means that for compounded characteristics, the assignments for each underlying infoprovider must be consistent with regards of compounded characteristics and compunding objects.(See  Note 920416 – Checking compounding consistency in MultiProviders for details)

During activation this caused only a warning message up to BW 3.5.

As of BW 7.x this warning was changed to an error. This can cause problems to migrated Infoproviders.

Several notes were released to solve this. At some point the possibility to convert the error to a warning on the level of the individual Multiprovider has been added.

Yo can find the optional setting when editing/displaying the Multiprovider in RSA1, via the Extras menu entry.



Here is a list of notes to check in relation to this problem.

See also the following article in SDN.

Consistency Issues in MultiProviders – BI 7.0

R7I 135