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BRAIN 670 – Error in BW: error creating tmp table – RS_EXCEPTION 105 error creating tmp table


After a BW SP upgrade you might get the following error at query execution

EError in BW: error creating tmp table                                                                                               RS_EXCEPTION        105error creating tmp table

AAn error occurred when getting data from the processor.                                                                             BRAIN               670

I>> Row: xx Inc: IF_RSDRH_HIER_STORAGE~CREATE Prog: CL_RSDRH_DBTAB_STORAGE                                                           RS_EXCEPTION        301CL_RSDRH_DBTAB_STORAGE

This seems to be an error that occurs regularly on BW systems after an upgrade. To solve it try deleting the temporary tables with the report SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES (see SAP notes 698280 and 449891)..

You should run report SAP_DROP_TMPTABLE + Option “Temp. Hierarchy Table (02/08).


Once done, execute again the BEx report in RSRT. The error message should not appear anymore.