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BEx Analyzer Macro to Locate position of GRID_1 and position of first data cell

The below macro will locate the top left cell of the BEx DataGrid GRID_1 and the position of the top left data cell.

See also the following post for additional info on VBA and BEx Analyzer
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To make this macro work you need to add the BEx Macros (go to Workbook Settings in the BEx Add In, Exits, Add Macros)


[Visual Basic light=”true”]
Sub Macro1()
Dim oBexItem As BExItem
Dim oBexItems As BExItems

Dim oBex As Object

Dim range1 As Range

‘ Connect to Bex Analyzer
Set oBex = Application.Run(“BEXAnalyzer.xla!GetBex”)

‘ Obtain all BEx Items in the worksheet
Set oBexItems = oBex.Items

‘ Find the GRID item by name and unhide it plus a range that is offset to the row below it
For Each oBexItem In oBexItems
If (oBexItem.Name = “GRID_1”) Then
‘Set range1 = oBexItem.Range
‘set the correct worksheet
Dim lFirstDataCell As Variant
lFirstDataCell = oBexItem.DataProvider.Result.Grid.firstdatacell
MsgBox oBexItem.Range.Row
MsgBox oBexItem.Range.Column
MsgBox lFirstDataCell.X
MsgBox lFirstDataCell.Y

GridName = oBexItem.Name
MsgBox GridName
End If

End Sub
[/Visual Basic]